So how should channel prices

VIP groups are generally in categories two and four. Their sensitivity cannot only be based on cost, and the conversion cost of the private domain itself is lower than other channels. After all, you don’t need to pay for additional output such as traffic, just make repurchases, so generally speaking it is Use their conversion anchors to stimulate repurchase. 3.  be determined? First of all, should we keep discounting? don’t want. The price system is a very comprehensive thing. Long-term discount prices will make users less sensitive to regular-priced products. In other words, when you use regular-priced products for daily use, people will not buy them. Discounts sell more frequently, which can stabilize a virtuous cycle of sales on a daily basis.

Stores try to sell seasonal products

Understanding this, we have to know how to give those Japan Phone Number List so-called discounts. We use the three different brand sales logics of “store + online store + private domain”, “headquarters + dealers” and “online store + live broadcast store + private domain” to see how to build the price system respectively. Stores + Online Stores + Private Domain For brands with no more than 30 stores nationwide, the sales rights in various places are generally still in their own hands. , limited editions, and city-limited products. Products with certain offline attributes. The prices in stores generally tend to be regular prices, and discounts across the board and at the same frequency can be provided at specific points such as the same brand day and private brand day throughout the year, and discounts in different regions can be provided in conjunction with shopping mall promotions.

They want to get the goods today

The store’s discount should not be less than 80% of the Estonia Phone Number List regular price. Think about the positioning of your store and sell to emergency and quality-demand users.  and do not trust the online store enough. They hope they can do it themselves. In-depth experience and high demand for product freshness and independence. The price in the online store is 90%-100% of the regular price in the store, with different price differences based on different products. For example, for out-of-season styles that have no other sales channels, and classic styles + styles with higher sales, it is generally not recommended to sell daily seasonal styles in online stores, otherwise it will be easy to “try it offline and place an order online again.

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