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Wearing color glass will always miss the sence. What is the construction of a person’s underlying framework? It is a procs of constantly getting closer to the sence, and it is also a procs of constantly tearing off noun labels. In actual work, most brand work is either separat into functional departments of the organization, such as: marketing, channels, planning, new mia, operations, advertising; or it exists in the boss’s whims and flash of ideas. , For example: suddenly took out a napkin and wrote a few words, “We will do this next year, 1 billion in 5 years.” 1. The sence of a brand is a busins. Let’s start with the brands we are familiar with, such as Coca-Cola, Starbucks, and Nike.

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Another example is: Ramen , Three and a Half, and Zhong .  a , and the Iran Phone Number List of a brand is a busins. Coca-Cola Coke, Starbucks coffee, Nike  sneakers, Ramen stands for instant noodl, Three and a Half Meals instant coffee, and Zhong Chine ice cream. From Coca-Cola to Zhong , what you are familiar with can be call a brand. Behind them, they are all relat to a busins, and the sence of a brand is a ; or in other words: the of a brand is the procs of discovering and creating a , and using the brand area to occupy . For this reason, for a brand’s No. 1 position, how to understand busins is a logic beyond the brand. If the brand No.

Brand is just a tool for

Only builds the brand at the brand level and can only Cambodia Phone Number List do brand work, he will never understand the logic behind the brand. The solution to the problem often li in finding the upper-level logical link associat with it. In other words: the marketing problem do not occur at the sal level, but may be a product problem; similarly, the primacy of the brand is reflect in the busins owner’s understanding of the busins.  busins, not the whole of busins – only by deeply understanding busins can we deeply understand the meaning and purpose of brand existence.  Brand: Discovering a Busins First: What is a category? Category refers to the classification, storage and naming of relevant information by consumers. The value of busins li in classification, storage, and naming. with just one category and one flavor.

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