We tell you how we did it

We started with about €1,500 euros that we put together and from there we have been growing little by little. The project began with a problem, but without a solution, that is, we did not know what the product was going to be. We started developing different prototypes in which we even designed parts with a  We tell you  3D printer that they lent us. Through trial and error, we made changes until we managed to develop what is today the ToHa .

Sewed towels and assembled the units

After patenting the product, we began manually manufacturing the first units. Together with the help of friends and family, we cut tubes,   completely Belgium Phone Number Data  manually. We set up the website and began making sales quickly, breaking stock several times during the strongest  We tell you  moments of the summer. That’s when we realized that we needed a manufacturer and we started looking.

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China that was capable of

So we documented the entire initial process and presented it as work. Everything has been with own financing. , until we found a specialized aluminum  Belgium Phone Number List manufacturer in  manufacturing the entire product for us. Little by little, and solving countless problems of which we had no experience (customs problems, quality controls, financing…), we grew the We tell you business to the point where we are now, where we sell quite well in the country

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