We have been in the market

For 6 years. Today we are 9 women betting on this entrepreneurship. We currently have 3 points of sale (Cedritos, Usaquén and Unicentro) and two allied stores. One of them at the El Dorado Airport. In 2022 we sold a little more than $500 million. Colombian pesos. We support 3 foundations that protect the planet. We have given a second life to more than 40,000. Plastic bottles thanks to the use of fabrics made with recycled PET. Starting a business is a huge challenge. We have to trust ourselves and our talent, properly manage expenses and costs, give ourselves. The credit we deserve, work on positioning the brand, boosting sales and online presence, etc.

However despite the challenges and difficulties

There are many things that make me happy to undertake and they could be summarized as: using my power to generate  Poland Phone Number Data change . It makes me happy to work on what I love to do, to generate direct work for my salespeople and indirect work for my suppliers. It fills my soul to be able to contribute a grain of sand to caring for the planet with our sustainability initiatives and, above all, with the donations we we do to the three foundations we support. I give three pieces of advice to other entrepreneurs: Review very well that motivation that leads you to undertake. That is what will give you the strength to not stop and change things to where they should be.

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Surround yourself with people who

support you in the things that you are not so strong in. Having a happy team that loves their work is key! Do not stop! Even Saudi Arabia Phone Number List  if there are many difficult days, remember that that day will always end and the next day you will have a new opportunity to see different things. Be patient! Thanks for reading my history! I invite you to learn more about my entrepreneurship on Instagram:  Pinterest WhatsApp E-Mail Guest Author This article was written by a professional with experience in strategy, marketing and business, who wanted to share his knowledge with the entrepreneurial community. Home » Entrepreneurship » I tell you how I managed to make a living from my passion for illustration and created a company that generates employment for 9 women Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked

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