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Invest in yourself! Warren Buffett’s basic advice Written by Carlos Nava Condarco on July 11, 2023 Many consider him the greatest investor of all time and one of the wisest men in business history. Warren Buffett is an , a paradigm in himself. From this great man comes a small but powerful piece of advice for those. Who wish to emulate his achievements: invest in yourself. The act of investing can be understood simply: dedicate resources . This is ultimately what it is all about: allocating and assigning certain values ​​with the purpose of obtaining greater ones. The complexity of the act occurs when the investment object must be chosen, when the amount of resources must be measured and the time the process will take must be defined.

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The quality with which this evaluation is made differentiates investors from each other. There art and science converge. There is, however, a type  Japan Phone Number Data of investment in which the factors of amount, destination and time do not need to be taken into account. One that always has positive returns, compound growth and no risk: the investment you make in yourself. Warren Buffett’s advice “Invest in yourself and you will see the benefits tenfold, without anyone being able to tax or steal them.” -Buffett says. It is about dedicating the most important resources.

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A dedication of resources proposed

you have: energy, time, focus, money, care, affection, etc., to your personal development, to the vital goal of feeling and being well. And it is about doing Brazil Phone Number List  it as a priority in your life, not as another “responsibility.” Understanding the benefit of such an act emerges from a simple logic: oneself is one’s main asset, the one that supports the production capacity, the “mother card” of the entire circuit, the central “team” of the system. If one works well, so does everything else. If the tree is cared for, the quality of the fruits is guaranteed. When talking about investing in personal development, there is an inclination to think about abilities, skills, knowledge and experience. And although this is positive, it is not enough for the final purpose, because in this  , not the person. Invest resources in feeling good about yourself.

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