Wang has an insight into

Premium instant coffee corresponds to the past instant coffee, which requires hot water and stirring (Nestle, Maxwell). For three and a half meals, it can be prepar with ice water or ice milk, and does not require stirring. Dissolve in three seconds. There is almost no difference in quality and taste from freshly ground coffee. It has become a must-have for office workers and travellers. Not only is the product differentiat, its packaging is also beautiful. 5.  the differentiation opportunities brought by category characteristics, seeks incremental markets to carry out micro-innovation on products, actively differentiates category characteristics, and strives to lead the brand position by taking advantage of the structural changes in new channels and new mia, and the changes brought by traffic. Cognitive dividend traditional brand oatmeal brand, 60% of marketing and advertising expenses are us for promotion.

Wang focuses on online sales

A large amount of promotion expenses are invest in the Mexico Phone Number List terminal through display fees, entry fees, purchase and gift fees, and rebate fees in the store, and its advertising expenses Only 10% of them. Different from traditional oatmeal brands, : Xiaohongshu, Bilibili, Douyin, and Internet celebrities. The art of war is to invest more troops than the enemy at the offensive and densive points – Napoleon . Inviting star Ouyang Nana to launch in Xiaohongshu, Fight to Fame deploy Douyin, and continu large-scale launches on Douyin to cooperate with Taobao Express, Diamond Exhibition, Super Recommendation and other on-site promotions.

Cooking is often for one person

Stew differentiates old categories through technology , provides France Phone Number List consumers with a third choice between dri bird’s nests and instant bird’s nests, solving the demand pain points of inconvenience of dry bird’s nests and staleness of instant bird’s nests. Expose product features through KOL/celebrities and seize the advantageous perception of “freshness”. Through public relations activities, the standard “Good Manufacturing Practice for Fresh Stew Bird’s Nest” was launch. 7. Bear Electrical Appliances Urban youth are under great pressure at work and lazy in life.. The traditional rice cooker steams too much rice as soon as it is steam, so it would be a pity to throw it away.

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