Through the existence of harmful monopolies

Business practices (Encyclopedia Britannica) and thus restricting other business practices that could affect competition in certain situations. of the economy——was not only unfair, but also ineffective. Today, antitrust . and small business owners enforce such regulations Through the  to prevent “market concentration,” “ exclusivity of a single seller, which causes the quality of goods and services to decrease.

Antitrust laws enhance economic

Although regulatory systems can quell competition,  efficiency as well as prevent the unfair distribution of wealth. Works  Oman Phone Number Data Cited Dogan, Stacey L. and Lemley, Mark A. “Antitrust Law and Regulatory Gaming.” Wilson Web. Florida International Through the  University. July 6, 2009. Encyclopedia Britannica. “Clayton Antitrust Act.” Encyclopedia Britannica Online. July 6, 2009.

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Florida International University Through the

LinkedIn Pinterest WhatsApp E-Mail Raúl Quintana Selleras (Cuba, 1984). She has a Bachelor of Arts in Theology and a  China Phone Number List certificate in the study of spirituality from . Additionally, she holds a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Texas at Arlington and a  Through the  doctorate in engineering from George

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