This way of selecting cultural elements

As the festival node and design national style posterst to it to spread new product information. The poster combines  lotus root, the main raw material of the new product “Cinnamon Nut Lotus Root Powder”, with the  Festival atmosphere to create a fresh and elegant visual experience, allowing users to associate with the product while appreciating it, and to guide users to understand the new product.  seizes the cultural festival node of “Little Summer” and launches animation works to it. Through animation, we tell the  about solar terms, lead users to understand traditional Chinese culture, and realize the spread of brand value. and combining them with original content is a successful example of brand content marketing.

social for marketing promotion

China Eastern Airlines a short video  to “Little Heat” to promote its brand Canada Phone Number List during this cultural festival. The short video humorously compares the hot weather across the country to “baking mode” and reminds everyone to cool down and relieve the heat. Combining hot topics with life concepts is a good marketing method, but we also ne to avoid being too relax and superficial in marketing execution, and infect users with rich brand connotations. This is what we ne to draw from this case. Improve direction. As the summer heat approaches,  Toilet Water promotes its must-have summer product, Toilet Water, taking advantage of the hot weather and the topicality of.

vulnerable groups

By taking advantage of hot weather and social  topics, toilet Australia Phone Number List water successfully t its must-have summer products, highlight product features, and  users to participate in interactions, thus increasing brand awareness, user engagement and market influence. 2. The Great Heat on July 23  Take advantage of the potential elements and directional elements: heat, bonfire, straw hat, highland barley, fruit Direction: launch products or activities to clear away heat and  fire; choose traditional festivals such as highland barley sachets, etc. to highlight Chinese traditions Culture; Pay attention to social welfare, publicize  on heatstroke prevention, and provide cooling to. 

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