This summer marketing campaign achieved

Used the bottle theme in the 2021 spring and summer men’s wear show, by loading a group of colorful naughty ghosts and a new men’s wear series. Into containers, and released an animated promotional video called “The Adventures of Zoom with Friends”. This event uses a fictional and real voyage as the storyline, starting a mysterious and exciting journey from Paris to Shanghai. On the occasion of the sailing day, Nescafe collaborated with.  to create a unique scene of summer iced coffee island and the offline live broadcast event ” Youth Island Landing Day” to heal the spiritual internal friction of young people.  remarkable results. In terms of reading volume. Interaction volume, and content publishing volume.

Nestlé Coffee successfully

By cooperating with  the marketing momentum Belgium Phone Number List to attract. The attention and participation of young consumers by creating unique scenes and offline live events. In addition, by associating the brand word cloud with. Product features,  successfully promoted users’ understanding and interest in the product. However, in order to further enhance. The effective of the campaign, attention should be paid to the clarity of brand communication. And the evaluation of marketing effective. Foodie Festival on July 17 Taking advantage of trend elements and directional elements: food, red wine, tableware, kitchen supplies Direction

in the ever-changing environment

Promote food or food culture, emphasizing the pleasure  tasting; Catering Albania Phone Number List theme activities, reflecting the joyful atmosphere of foodies; Selection of food. Or tableware products to highlight. The festive atmosphere. Advantage of the situation: Avoid excessive marketing and the promotion of authoritative recipes; focus on reflecting brand sentiments and choose food directions. That match your own attributes; information must be authentic. And credible, and avoid bragging and excessive marketing. Reference case Taobao Foodie Festival, foodies can always lead new food trends.

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