They were 2 very nice years of growth

Where we began to highlight Colombia through printed and useful products. Mainly for the home. We were able to make our first production with initial capital that. The three of us contributed and, from the first day. We had a premises that to this day is the home of this family. In 2019 we agreed to take different paths, and this is  to carry out. My dream with all the responsibilities that this brought. At that moment was when I decided to strengthen the environmental focus on Ailé , because it is a very important issue in my life. In 2020, we launched our first clothing collection called “Let plastic be extinct and not animals .

When I put all my effort and dedication

” It was a collection inspired by endangered animals in Colombia and it was the first time we started using fabrics made  Philippines Phone Number Data from recycled plastic bottles. Today Ailé ​​is a brand that colors people’s lives through souvenirs and illustrated gifts inspired by our Colombian identity. We are currently 9 women betting on this company that seeks to highlight the magic of our country through more responsible consumption with the planet. We manage 4 product lines: home, accessories, stationery and clothing. All this is achieved with the manufacturing and manual work of small workshops that deliver the best of themselves, so that our products have the best quality and are durable over time.

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Organically and with our own resources

At Ailé ​​we work with fabrics made from 40 to 100% recycled plastic bottles. Thanks to this, we have given a second life to Russia Phone Number List  more than 40,000 bottles! Additionally, our creativity allows us to use fabric scraps in other products, thus reducing waste by 70%. Currently, we donate 5% of the sales of our clothing line to 3 foundations that protect the planet , from animals in danger of extinction, to the Serranía de Chiribiquete and our moors. We are in a very important moment for Ailé . I am very happy because, after 6 years of growing  , today we are one of the winning ventures of “The Power of Giving a Hand” , Unicentro Bogotá ‘s commercial acceleration program . That’s why never doubt that that crazy idea you have can make a difference! These are some of the figures and achievements that we have achieved with Ailé ​​since its foundation:

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