They must align their cognition

However, future trends and current perceptions will definitely have different frequency problems. For example, many brand merchants will think that it will be difficult to do attribution across platforms, and many practitioners will also think that doing busins in a clos loop is a better solution. Therefore, for brands, if they want to do better open-loop marketing,  and action. First, brands ne to tablish a basic understanding that “cross-platform data can be open up”. For open-loop marketing, Have more trust and not be stuck in the limiting thinking of the past. Secondly, brands ne to have stronger data analysis and application capabiliti, or use third-party service providers to perform data “deep procsing”.

Looking at the platform

Because the data by the platform will most likely be India Phone Number List multi-dimensional and , it is difficult to identify areas that can be and how to use the data to guide subsequent . , open-loop marketing can actually be improv and in many aspects – first, because clos-loop is the current mainstream method, the platform must let brands see the “” of open-loop marketing here. . On the one hand, the platform to show its own crowd accumulation and content ecology, and on the other hand, it must emphasize its strong exposure and grass-growing . For example, main emphasis in the past was the gathering of Generation Z on the platform. This group of people has a strong to buy bas on , and it is easy to form emotional loyalty to experts and be plant.

Open-loop marketing

Station B now that young people will gain more Brazil Phone Number List social identiti as they age, creating new demands for more of products. Another example is , which a target marketing strategy plan for beauty care, pets, clothing, 3C, home furnishing and other industri on 618 this year. In the plan, there is a considerable amount of space on the display platform to show that there are many target groups in this vertical category, the popularity of relat content is high, and many new trends have emerg on the platform, which can be us by advertisers in marketing content. , a new topic for content platforms. 618 Node Guide for the Beauty and Care Industry.

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