They close their eyes and take

A nap in the small seats, chat with their neighbors, or gaze at the scenery outside the window, their thoughts fly. Every journey is a new ginn, or it may a fwell to an old one. Passengers show the diversity and complexity of human nature dur the journey. They will give way to each other in crowd carriages, sh food dur the long journey, and encourage each other while wait. These small kindnesses warm every journey and br people closer. However.

The passengers’ journey is not always smooth

Sometimes there will delays, breakdowns, congestion and other problems. These inconveniences put the patience and adaptability of passengers to the test. At these moments, they often show extraordinary switzerland phone number patience and calmness, show the tenacity and wisdom of human s in the face of difficulties. In short, passengers not only users of transportation, but also a microcosm of social life. Every time they travel, they writ their own stories, which constitute every bit of our lives. Dur these countless journeys, the passengers’ experiences and emotions.

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Interwoven into vivid pictures

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