The value of branding li in brand

A naming is a classification, and a classification  a consumption demand. Classification, storage, and naming directly affect consumers’ purchasing . Consumers their by category and choose products by brand. Coke or Sprite, Starbucks, Didi, the whole value of a brand li in whether you use your brand to consumer demand when it . Category is a colloquial of consumers, connecting and . = category. The faster this equation is drawn, the more valuable..

This company has long been

For example: is a company whose category Japan Phone Number List is  brand.  Known in the industry as “is oil”. For example: In April 2019, a brand of pepper and chicken feet that was popular in Sichuan and Chongqing was launch. Has an annual revenue of one billion in a limit area with just one category and one flavor. And are both a brand and a ( oil,  pepper and chicken feet). For example: the of pre-mix wine/fruit wine on and Taobao platforms  by 154% in 2018 with 2017: and by 45% in 2019 with 2018.

Which category a brand 

In 2020, the growth rate of 618 fruit wine category Cameroon Phone Number List is as  high as 120%, with fruit wine growing by more than 400% and plum wine growing by more than 1,000%. Judging from the big data by for the same fruit wine category, the compound annual growth rate of fruit wine on the JD platform in the past five years has  200%. If you are a wine company and you hit the right small category of fruit wine three years ago. If nothing else, it will be a steep second growth curve for the organization. For this reason, category is not the cause but the of choice. To enter the market will to a large extent the  of the – therefore, category is the matrix: consumers use to meet their , to their , and brands to choose products. 

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