The store’s discount should not be less

Stores try to sell seasonal products, limited editions, and city-limited products. Products with certain offline attributes. The prices in stores generally tend to be regular prices. And discounts across the board and at the same frequency can be provided at specific points such as the same brand day and private brand day throughout the year, and discounts in different regions can be provided in conjunction with shopping mall promotions.  than 80% of the regular price. Think about the positioning of your store and sell to emergency and quality-demand users. They want to get the goods today and do not trust the online store enough.

The transformation of private domains

They hope they can do it themselves. In-depth New Zealand Phone Number List experience and high demand for product freshness and independence. The price in the online store is 90%-100% of the regular price in the store, with different price differences based on different products. For example, for out-of-season styles that have no other sales channels, and classic styles + styles with higher sales, it is generally not recommended to sell daily seasonal styles in online stores, otherwise it will be easy to “try it offline and place an order online again.” Embarrassing situation. Online stores can take advantage of different e-commerce promotions and holidays to provide different discounts and combined discounts on daily sales, with no more than one product discount day per month.  should be as comprehensive as possible.

But the discounts are not easy

For example, shopping guide coupons and group coupons China Phone Number List should be different. For example, group coupons are “listed” operated in the private domain. Its price logic is similar to that of an online store, but it must have a final landing point. You can guide it to the online store. Store malls can also be directed to self-built mini program malls and other channels, . The only difference is that you can cut hot products + special prices on a weekly basis and use private domain to tell a hot product story.

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