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Second, because open-loop marketing is cooperation, the content platform must highlight its “specialization in the industry” and replace the cultivation of grass with luck in the past. ,  more scientific.  multi-dimensional data to quantify the fuzzy grass planting effect. In this way, “open loop” marketing methods that require cross-platform and extend links will have more certainty, and advertisers will be able to more clearly evaluate effects and make optimizations in real time. This year, specifically mention “more comprehensive data insights” in the Spark Plan launch by 618. After the launch, you can see data performance including playback interactive performance, new customer traffic contribution,

UP owners’ video external links

Taobao multi-dimensional conversion and other data Iceland Phone Number List performance. also provid a data indicator “grass planting value”, which 11 typ of in-depth reading and in-depth interactive user behaviors. Third, since the opening of the loop must go through a “jump”, the platform must ensure a continuous chain, and even be able to “nudge” users to the purchase and conversion stage during the jump. For example, at Station B, you can see that many UP owners place jump links below the video and at the top of the comments, which do not affect the prentation of the video content, but is eye-catching enough at the same time. Moreover, many will also have a coupon collection page call “Fans Welfare Purchase” when jumping.

Things that rely on creativity become

Clicking to receive the coupon will jump directly to Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List the product details page, although there is an  link add in the jump. link, but this can also make the offer work to a certain extent and “urge” users to click to buy. Because open-loop marketing is a cooperation between two platforms, if we open up our minds a little more, we can also imagine more – in terms of marketing strategy, content platforms and e-commerce platforms can integrate more marketing to provide Us by brands that have chosen open loop marketing.

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