The maternal and infant industry

How to effectively manage and promote project implementation? In recent years, the scale of the maternal and infant market has gradually increased, and brands have gradually increased their marketing investment in maternal and infant products. This article decodes the changing trends in marketing investment and user content consumption in  in 2023 to help practitioners better understand industry trends. In recent years, the market size of the maternal and infant industry has increased year by year, and maternal and infant brands have continued to invest more in online marketing. Facing the new generation of parents with new consumption concepts and content browsing habits, how do brands use online social media channels for marketing.

These have become issues

What changes have occurred in maternal and infan Saudi Arabia Phone Number List marketing? of great concern to industry insiders. In this context, Xinban relies on its own big data capabilities and insights into the content ecology to output the “2023 Maternal and Infant Industry Digital Marketing Report” to decode the 2023 maternal and infant industry marketing investment and user content consumption changing trends, and help practitioners more Get a good understanding of industry trends. 1. The scale of maternal and infant content is growing rapidly, and the digital marketing ecosystem is active 1. Brand investment continues to grow, and content platforms are becoming an important marketing position. 

The marketing budget of maternal

According to survey data, brands will remain flat or increase in 2022. Among them, the figure for emerging maternal and infant brands within 5 years exceeds 70%. 2. The scale of content is growing rapidly, and the maternal. And infant Dominican Republic Phone Number List content ecosystem is prospering. With the increase brand investment and the awakening of user content consumption awareness, the scale of maternal.  . According to statistics from the new list, combined with. And WeChat video account platforms, in April 2023, the number of mother-infant photos will be the same.

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