The essence is the customer, not the brand

NAME EMAIL WEB LOG IN Username Password Remember me. Check in Lost password RECENT ARTICLES Innovation in your Entrepreneurship. How to Take Advantage of Digital Tools to. Grow Innovation in your Entrepreneurship: How to Take Advantage of Digital Tools to Grow. The Evolution of Trading in the Digital Age. The Role of. The Software Developer and the. Impact of Stock Indices. The Evolution of Trading in the Digital Age: The Role of the Software Developer and the Impact of Stock Indices Undertake;


Undertake; The essence is the customer, not the brand. How to create a blog and make money BLOGS FOR  Qatar Phone Number Data ENTREPRENEURS. Entrepreneurship and Business Computing Blog SUBSCRIBE Join our Facebook channel! Be part of our community on Facebook and receive exclusive content every week about Entrepreneurship , Marketing and Business . Contact – Privacy – What is Emprendices? – Post. Community to share ideas, projects and experiences between entrepreneurs and businessmen. Copyright I started selling pandeyucas on a bicycle and now. I have a company that sells more than 1,500 jars of product per month Written. By Guest Author on August 16, 2023 Hello. My name is Juliana Muñoz and I am the founder of Dire Massé . I am Colombian and I am 19 years old. I graduated from.

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 Colegio Anglo Colombiano and

I am studying Business Administration at CESA . I like tennis, music and horror movies. My story as an entrepreneur began when Singapore Phone Number List  I was 15 years old. I was going on a trip and was looking for ideas to sell something to save for my trip. I talked to my grandmother and she advised me to sell her delicious pandeyucas. I started selling them and went out on my bicycle to make deliveries. My clients told me that they were delicious. But that they preferred to have them freshly made at home. For this reason. I started selling the ready dough, and that was where our concept was born.

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