The Cotton Era takes advantage of

The concept of sustainable development to achieve the goal of being naturally degradable, recyclable, and sustainable by making cotton the best it can be, and using technological innovation and zero-carbon transformation as means to protect green waters and green mountains. This case demonstrates the brand’s commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development during the Party Day. In the 100 years since the founding of the Party, many people who have shouldered the burden for us have passed away. If you were here to see this prosperous age, how wonderful it would be. Through the hypothetical narrative of “If You Were Here”, this short film expresses the memory of the martyrs and gratitude for modern prosperity.

Protecting the marine environment

It not only recalls the past of the Communists’ hard work, but also Australia Phone Number List looks forward to the beautiful present and future. Uses a warm approach to arouse the audience’s revolutionary feelings and love for the party and country. Is a Party Day-themed video worth learning.  China Navigation Day on July 11th (1) Use trend elements and directional elements: ships, compasses, nautical flags, navigation qualifications, nautical charts, naval directions: nautical themes, emphasizing the spirit of exploration; choose marine or maritime products to reflect navigation The theme of the day is to express patriotism, traditional culture, and pay attention to.

thereby enhancing brand awareness

Points note when taking advantage of. The situation: Avoid Vietnam Phone Number List excessive politicization and focus on entertainment. And emotional aspect; connect it with brand attributes and product; pay attention to the authenticity. And positive orientation of the information. (3) Reference case The Postal Savings Bank of China. Launched a stamp album with the theme of Nezha Naohai on China Maritime Day, and carried out publicity and interactive. Activities through social media, taking advantage of China Maritime Day for marketing promotion. By taking advantage of the China Maritime Day, the Postal Savings Bank launched a Nezha Naohai themed stamp album, echoing the theme of the event, and attracting user participation through social media. Interactive activities,, user participation and the communication effect of the event.

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