The combination of hot topics

Points to note when taking advantage of the situation: avoid over-marketing and focus on interaction and experience with consumers; choose cooling products and themes that match the brand image; cooperate with social institutions to deliver cooling to groups and reflect public welfare care. (3) Reference case  brand copywriting to the “Great Summer” to use this cultural solar term to spread the brand. The copywriting starts from the details of life, combines the cooling and comfort of  home appliances, expresses the brand concept, and achieves the purpose of brand marketing.  and life concepts is a model of brand content marketing.

Rich brand connotations

Idea of integrating cultural solar terms into life concepts for brand Greece Phone Number List communication is worth learning from, but we also ne to avoid being too life-orient and superficial in execution, and infect users with rich brand connotations. This is what we can learn from this case. direction of improvement.  on the cultural festival node of “Great Summer” and us the popular Internet buzzword  Ling” to design 5 pairs of them packages, and an interactive form in which the package stickers can be  for ice cream to attract user participation . The combination of hot elements and interactive activities is a successful example of new brand marketing. combines cultural festivals with popular elements to create interactive activities. In addition, we should avoid relying too much on hot spots and gimmicks during implementation, and infect users with.

elements and party history propaganda

This is also the direction of Azerbaijan Phone Number List improvement we can get in this case. McDonald’s seizes the cultural festival node of “Great Summer” and interacts with users through half-price sales of  discounts.And  peripheral products to. Achieve the purpose of brand marketing. However, in practice, it avoids over-reliance on hot spots and discounts and uses rich Brand culture to infect users, this is also the direction of improvement we can get in this case.  Summary July is a hot summer day with festivals and hot topics everywhere. But remember. You must choose festivals that are consistent with your own brand and products as your marketing focus. Blindly following trends will cause a waste of time and energy. The first thing that  to be  according to actual  is the important political festival of the centenary of the founding of the party. We should pay attention to the direction of.

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