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Dedicated to selling doughs that are 100% ready to cook at home in minutes. We have pandeyucas doughs, brownies, churros and cookies. Entrepreneur Juliana Muñoz, founder of Dire Massé Since I started so young, the financial support of my parents was essential. My mother gave me the money to go buy the ingredients, my grandfather took me to buy them and we cooked with the rest of my family. As Massé grew, we made increasingly larger investments that have represented a great effort for everyone, but both my parents and I firmly believe in Massé and we know that it is a worthwhile investment. This is how Dire Massé started Over time, we grew more and more in sales, always counting on the support of my family. I sold the…
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Corporations must join the Economy

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Ideas on social technologies, in the near future, they’ll use similar technologies to share products and services, which will cause a ripple of impacts far more disruptive than what we’ve seen before. [The Collaborative Economy is an economic model where ownership and access are shared between people, startups, and corporations] Disruption: Customers are now sharing products and services with each other, like AirBnb (vs hotels), Lyft (vs buying cars), Lendingclub (vs banks), 99 Dresses (instead of buying clothes), odesk (vs traditional hiring methods) as an alternative to traditional sales. In fact, our small list of 200 startups Only has a portion of the services that have emerged, enabling this trend. At Altimeter, we’ve been tracking this space, including a number of blog posts tagged Collaborative Economy (list of startups, list…
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