The essence is the customer, not the brand

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NAME EMAIL WEB LOG IN Username Password Remember me. Check in Lost password RECENT ARTICLES Innovation in your Entrepreneurship. How to Take Advantage of Digital Tools to. Grow Innovation in your Entrepreneurship: How to Take Advantage of Digital Tools to Grow. The Evolution of Trading in the Digital Age. The Role of. The Software Developer and the. Impact of Stock Indices. The Evolution of Trading in the Digital Age: The Role of the Software Developer and the Impact of Stock Indices Undertake; START WITH A BLOG Learn Undertake; The essence is the customer, not the brand. How to create a blog and make money BLOGS FOR  Qatar Phone Number Data ENTREPRENEURS. Entrepreneurship and Business Computing Blog SUBSCRIBE Join our Facebook channel! Be part of our community on Facebook and receive…
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Economy AirBnb Loved over Traditional

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Ever wonder how well companies are performing. Esp if you don’t have access to their financials? One big clue is the organic social media chatter being discussed about them. Which we refer to as a component called mindshare. The above graphic (upper right is best) shows how AirBnb has far more chatter about its brand over traditional travel websites. With mostly adoring comments pushing it to the upper right. Data supplied by NetBase (an Altimeter client). Who crunches unstructured social content into insight and analytics. AirBnb unique experience of other people’s homes poses. Threat to traditional hotels The below selected quotes, also provided by NetBase shows. The preference for both the unique website experience, as well as the unique listings beyond traditional hotels. Select tweets below that helped to derive…
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