They were 2 very nice years of growth

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Where we began to highlight Colombia through printed and useful products. Mainly for the home. We were able to make our first production with initial capital that. The three of us contributed and, from the first day. We had a premises that to this day is the home of this family. In 2019 we agreed to take different paths, and this is  to carry out. My dream with all the responsibilities that this brought. At that moment was when I decided to strengthen the environmental focus on Ailé , because it is a very important issue in my life. In 2020, we launched our first clothing collection called “Let plastic be extinct and not animals . When I put all my effort and dedication ” It was a collection inspired…
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Business Radically Expanding

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Your social business headcount is likely to decrease 10-20% before it radically expands. Altimeter found through two independent surveys to enterprise class. Companies with over 1000 employees survey respondents in different years that they both have a drop off in headcount at year 2-4. We’ve survey corporations both in 2010. As well as in Q4 2012 to find out how social business programs are structured. Much of the research was recently published in the report. The Evolution of Social Business. So why this change? After experimentation, unchecked programs get sanitized. A central body takes control Many companies I’ve seen inside of have often. Experimental programs occurring for the first 1-3 years. Labeled skunkworks,. Rogue, or sandbox programs, this “wild west” grows out of control. Sometimes causing stress or resulting in…
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