I managed to make a living from my passion

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I'll tell you how   for illustration and created a company that generates employment for 9 women. Written by Guest Author on August 16, 2023 Hello, my name is Liliana Pérez Rojas and I am the founder and illustrator of Ailé ​​Fábrica de Diseño . I am currently 35 years old (even though it may not seem like it). I studied industrial design at the Javeriana University and did a master's degree in Sustainable Design at the Polytechnic of Turin in Italy . This could mean much in my life I lived there for 2 and a half years and ended my life in Europe doing my thesis in an Ecovillage in the mountains of New Zealand Phone Number Data Portugal . I had always liked art, but I never felt…
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The Maker Movement Disrupts Brands

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Unlike any other year, the crowds were overflowing, suggesting this movement was growing faster than the cottage industry before. To put this into context, the maker movement is yet (another) disruption to brands, here’s the lineage: [Disruptions Summarized: 1) The Internet democratized knowledge, 2) Social Media empowered crowd, 3) Collaborative Economy endows crowd to buy once, share many, 4) the Maker Movement aims at buying from brands no more. I must honestly confess, I struggle to keep abreast of all the new technologies. However, Disrupts Brands and I suspect corporations are experiencing the same. It’s my full time job I attend these events on weekends, and we’ve a company dedicated to tracking and helping companies navigate, and I see the disruptions accelerating. Here’s what the maker movement means to corporations…
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