It supports one-hop direct  to the Taobao

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It can also be seen from this that c to doing open-loop diversion,  still has a strong  to do e-commerce on its own. Open-loop marketing, a new topic for content platforms  advertising jumps to the brand’s official website. It is worth noting that Tencent Advertising also took clear actions in open-loop cooperation during 618 this year. After cooperating with Moments advertising was launch for the first time.  APP site, and video account information flow advertisements can also be jump through links with one click. According to data by Tencent Advertising, brand FILA’s is  higher than the industry’s and its ROI is 120% higher than the industry’s through the of ads in Moments. As early as 2019, Tencent Advertising reach a cooperation with to support connecting Moments ads with JD.…
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