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The September calendar , for example, is the title that should encompass everything that we are going to project and schedule that month. And so on with the rest of the year. The advantages of being able to create a daily organizer template are many: Serves as a to-do list. It helps not to forget all the important dates.  calls so they don't overlap. Set limits to evaluate your availability and whether you can fit more projects into your schedule. But the benefits of this type of organization do not end  These laws  there as it can be used to reflect on daily successes and failures and work on your goals . Organize meeting times or work video Even more, it is scientifically proven that when you write things down,…
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The Collaborative Economy Enables Resiliency

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What it means for consumers (Airbnb, Lyft, Uber) but what does it mean to corporations? This post will answer that question. Companies that tap into the crowd for instant workers (oDesk or Taskrabbit for business). Or to unlock their idle inventory to it into cash (Liquidspace, Shardesk). To tap into the crowd for new services (Crowdspring, Uservoice). Can benefit significantly from reduced costs. Unlocking new business potential. [Corporations that tap into the crowd. In conclusion, benefit from new product offerings. Unlocked idle inventory. Enables Resiliency And reduced risks] Over the past few months. I’ve been focused On the Collaborative Economy, the next phase of social business that involves the sharing of goods and services. In prior posts, I’ve discussed how it has impacted the luxury vertical. And even goods and…
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