And today we sell 150 units per month

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Miguel started with this project after finishing his degree in Industrial Organization Engineering. Our venture is called ToHa , a brand of farm and beach products. Our star product is the ToHa , a very portable, comfortable and aesthetic towel-hammock, which We currently sell the product through the  And today we  website with shipments throughout Spain and we have several distributors in the country. Hammock for the beach and today Our goal is to look for distributors internationally to bring the ToHa to all the beaches in the world. We created the Towel-  we sell 150 units per month Australia Phone Number Data  It all started with the idea of ​​solving our own problem And today we  and, when we realized that many people shared the same problem, that…
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Collaborative Economy Industry Stats

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Stats that you’ll need to make decisions. Additionally.I’ll link to other listings and indexes that will provide further context. My goal is to serve as an industry curator to advance our collective knowledge.  Research, and for my own personal understanding. If you want an overview. With three business opportunities for corporations, read the full report on the Collaborative Economy Value Chain. Please leave comments with your stats and a URL. I’ll be happy to add and credit you. Scope: The sharing of goods, services, space, and money. Updates: Industry Stats This page was last updated on Oct 25th, 2013. Capacity, and impact Market Capitalization Market Cap of Industry: “Rachel Botsman, the author of a book on the subject, says the consumer peer-to-peer rental market alone is worth $26 billion.” –…
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