The short video format itself

A short video with 300,000 views may only bring 1-2 orders in the end.” A brand owner said bluntly. “Any product with a slight brand premium or relatively high customer orders requir a relatively long decision-making chain. Consumers may ne to do their homework, read tutorials, reviews, strategi, and combine the actual feback of other consumers to make a decision.” Yu Hong, head of the overseas brand of energy storage brand BLUETTI, said frankly that short videos can bring ls information and create a certain atmosphere, but they have limit effect on promoting the conversion of high-pric products. “is short, fast, can carry little content, and can only capture consumers’ attention for up to 15 seconds.

For products with high customer

Therefore, it is not the bt option for some .” He point c, the more Italy Phone Number List important factors are whether there is enough user , frequent communication, and whether effective recommendations can be form among users. “Our customers attach great importance to socializing with their peers, and they may trust the recommendations and opinions of their peers more. A lot of advertising we put out may not be as good as a word from an old user in the community,” Yu Hong add. . Gu also mention that short video marketing do not match pricing and crowd. “The form of communication tends to be short and fast, and high-tech brands and products often require longer and more sufficient content and display.” Furthermore, although the importance of influencer marketing is increasingly  There is no link to jump to the e-commerce platform.

Products advertising jumps

Some advertisements placed by big brands such as Estee Belgium Phone Number List Lauder and YSL will jump directly to the brand’s official website instead of e-commerce stores and product pages. Recently, after users search for specific product names in , they will go directly to the e-commerce page on the site, which includes the platform’s self-operated e-commerce products and  from established brands. It can also be seen from this that compared to doing open-loop diversion, still has a strong willingness to do e-commerce on its own. Open-loop marketing, a new topic for content platforms to the brand’s official website.

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