Sell ​​by Price or Sell by Value?

Which strategy is best for your company? Written by Javier Diaz on July 28, 2023 In today’s business world, where competition is fierce and customers have more options than ever, companies must seek effective strategies to stand out. One of those strategies is to change the focus from the price of the product or service to learning how to sell based on value for the customer. But what exactly does it mean to focus on customer value and how can it change the way your company makes sales? In this post, we’ll  and value, the different approaches to pricing, and how value-based pricing can benefit your business. We’ll also provide practical tips for implementing a value-focused sales strategy.

Explore the difference between price

Whether you’re looking to improve your sales, increase customer loyalty, or simply better understand the competitive Singapore Phone Number Data  landscape, we’ll provide you with valuable insight to consider. So, if you’re ready to stop competing on price and start selling based on value, read on . We promise you that this approach can change the way you view sales and business success. Sell ​​by Price or Sell by Value What is the difference between Value and Price, and why is it important to know? You may have heard the terms “value” and “price” used interchangeably in conversations about products or services. Although these two concepts are interrelated, they represent very different ideas and understanding these differences is key to the success of any sales strategy. We will start by defining these terms:


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Price is the amount of money requested

Or paid for a product or service . It is a quantifiable figure, determined by the seller, based on a variety of factors that  Switzerland Phone Number List may include the cost of production, the market, competition, supply and demand, among others. On the other hand, value is more subjective and is based on  Sell ​​by  the buyer’s perception. It reflects the usefulness, relevance or importance that a buyer assigns to a product or service in relation to his or her need. The value can vary widely from person to person, depending on their individual circumstances, needs, preferences and evaluation criteria. Therefore, we can simplify it as follows: price is what the customer pays, but value is what the customer gets in return. This distinction between price and value is critical to understanding the value-based sales approach .

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