Reels and YouTube Shorts

Data from  agency a shows that in, The cost for advertisers to obtain CPM (thousand  from video ads on  will be almost half that of Instagram Reels, one-third cheaper than Twitter, and 62% cheaper than Snapchat. Advertising on T in the fourth quarter of last year. According to market intelligence company  spending on  by the top U.S. advertisers from September to October 2022, reaching $467 million. However,  by advertising  platform  found that although the same video  almost three  more attention on T than on Instagram, the latter had higher user engagement. In addition, some advertising experts bluntly said that  with competitors such as Google and Meta, as an emerging platform, problem is the insufficient amount of data insights-this time.

It once enter the top ten downloads

Gu also bluntly told Power that  user group is still mainly young Greece Phone Number List consumers under the age of 25, so conversions often fall short of expectations. In addition to , there is no shortage of new social platforms on the market. , Clubhouse, etc. Were once popular and even  the App Store download list, but they soon fell silent. For example. Clubhouse reach.  A peak of 10 million active users in March 2021, but was expect. To have only 3.5 users by April this l reach 73.5 million MAU in August 2022, but had drop to million by February this year. In addition. Lemon8, another s own by Byte, enter the British and American markets in February this year. in the iOS US region, but now it has fallen outside the 100th place. 2. Short videos and celebrity marketing are not effective either. Traffic costs have become more expensive and conversion rat have.

However, some new problems also began

Another logic behind this phenomenon is that the channels Belarus Phone Number List and methods through which consumers obtain information are changing.” Chen Yong said that simple search and advertisements are no longer enough to drive consumers to complete For brand recognition and purchase decisions. “Some of the behaviors at the lower end of the entire shopping journey, such as planting grass, celebrity marketing.

And whether there is richer content to attract consumers to discover the brand. The are becoming increasingly important.” The rise of not only brings a new wave of traffic and supports. A new batch of KOLs, but also brings short video. A new marketing method, to advertisers. Meta and YouTube have enter the game, and Meta even. That it will use Reels short videos as an important source of revenue to emerge.

Many brands survey by  Power said they have adopt a conservative attitude towards short video content marketing channels such as , YouTube Shorts, and Meta Reels. “A short video with 300,000 views may only bring 1-2 orders in the end.

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