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QR codes as a tool for urban art and social expression Written by Javier Diaz on July 28, 2023 From an aesthetic point of view, most QR codes —quick response—are inconspicuous to viewers. These black and white ideograms usually do not “catch” the human eye or produce a significant visual impact. However, there is currently a growing trend of marketing and mosaics with. QR symbols designed to capture the attention of passers-by in urban spaces. These are in order to awaken the curiosity of many users so that they scan them.

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More on this topic below.  expression Features of artistic QR codes Different shapes and colors When a company wants to know how to  Vietnam Phone Number Data make a QR code for advertising purposes, the “default” ideogram usually shows black and white boxes. But, is there any impediment to creating them in multi-chromatic mode? Certainly not. In this sense, some printing methodologies include graphic correction. Techniques in order to modify the staining of a group of frames. In this way, it is possible to produce the appearance of an image within the symbol. Additionally, the borders of the code can be adapted to the specific shape of a brand logo. For example: with the silhouette of an apple (Apple), a clover (Adidas) or a flag (Bank of America). Among many others. In some cases, both techniques can even be combined to insert a drawing within the highlighted seal of a company. A question of distinction and style.

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QR codes as a tool for urban art and social

Professional street artists are people capable of creating quite interesting, attractive murals with memorable designs. Some of  insert a quick  Belgium Phone Number List response ideogram that can be scanned by a smart device. In fact, in cities like Berlin, QR code marketing is common in. The metropolis’s most famous graffiti spaces. Some paintings are so clever that they don’t even look like.  QR code at a glance (except for one of the corners of the symbol). An example of this is the painting of a cassette player on a mural that is actually a QR. Consequently, it represents a type of “covert” advertising that is very consonant with the predominant aesthetic in the murals of many Berlin neighborhoods.

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