Private domain price is not relevant

Shopping guide 1V1 is still an offline “order”. For example, issue node coupons to batch users. Within the scope that you can bear, issue level coupons to users who have made repeated purchases or have converted on the shopping guide WeChat, etc. These allow the second and fourth types of people to get better discount anchors in your “closed environment”. Of course, the more coupons you use, the more conversions you will get. In summary, in this type of model, what you can basically see is: “Store price” > “Online store price” = “Private domain price” “Store price” “Online store price” Two Using logic, different products can be derived differently.

While stores will sell regular-priced products

Headquarters + dealers I want to talk about this model Pakistan Phone Number List briefly, because generally the “headquarters” of such brands will generally have a logic similar to “online store + live broadcast store + private domain”. I just want to remind you, think carefully about what products your suppliers will sell to you. Outlets will sell off-season products, for the current season. You need to take inventory of your inventory and reshape prices without harming your suppliers. System, otherwise there will be no suppliers to play with you in the future, and your brand capabilities will decline crazily. This is a vicious cycle. 3. Online store + live broadcast store + private domain The logic of the online store is similar to the first business model just mentioned, so I won’t go into details. Live broadcast stores are generally divided into three types.

The official account mainly focuses

Official brand account self-broadcast”, “master Croatia Phone Number List  broadcast”, and “dealer broadcast”. In these categories of live broadcast, it is not recommended to sell the same products. For example, in the clothing category, dealer live broadcasts can distinguish different attributes for different customer groups, such as men’s clothing, parent-child clothing, mother’s clothing, etc.On high-traffic products, fashion items + suits. And the influencers mainly promote popular products. Generally speaking, your product packages should have. Different combination sale plans in different account. And at least of the products should be differentiated.

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