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Mosaics with QR codes as a marketing strategy and form of collective. Expression Mosaics are a type of art based on the assembly of a set of  of creating an abstract image or a realistic representation. The constituent fragments can be made of. Practically any material: pieces of wood, photographs, stones, seashells, broken glass, grass… Likewise, they can be made on surfaces made of a wide range of materials. So, when mosaics with QR codes are incorporated into. The walls—generally exterior—of real estate, the user can live a unique experience. Furthermore, the links contained in a QR lead the viewer to view content with very broad possibilities (text, images, videos or holograms, among many others).

QR codes on the sidewalks of historical

Therefore, the transmitted message can fulfill several functions at the same time, such as: Dissemination of social, environmental or cultural  UK Phone Number Data information. Promotion of products and/or services of any sponsoring brand; Testimonials from people regarding an artistic or sociocultural experience. Useful information about the artist who created the mural or the movement of which. He is a part. Places where it is possible to insert an artistic mosaic with  Pieces from.  QR code Walkways Apart from the streets, the paths are the elements most used by people in an urban panorama. For this reason, in cities like Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, authorities have placed mosaics with  sites.

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Mosaics with QR codes on modern

By scanning them, passersby are redirected to a portal with corresponding information and interactive content about the place. Sculptures  Australia Phone Number List  art sculptures – in Madrid. Barcelona or Hamburg, for example – are a very effective and ingenious way of inserting information about the author. After all, QRs have the added advantage  Pieces from  of representing an entry point to the digital world from a smart device. For these reasons, the combination between urban art and these symbols can be very powerful in the world of marketing and for the transmission of messages in general.


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