Pay attention to sincerity and positivity

And provide. Practical support and encouragement to graduates; cooperate with universities or social institutions to enhance. The influence of activities; information must be true and avoid excessive marketing. (3) Reference case  select the influx of college graduates into the society and job search hotspots in 2022, and jointly launch the “Customize Your Excellent Resume” activity with  Recruitment. The event publishes an  page on the WeChat public account, guiding users to select relevant options to generate  resumes, creating an interactive experience between users and the brand, and setting up lottery and other reward mechanisms to attract participation.

Station B chose the hot topic of the annual

College graduation season and collaborate with the  well-known Brazil Phone Number List musician Wu  to release the graduation song “We All Own the Ocean”. Through the production and release of original music and MVs,  successfully.  With hot topics, spread platform and brand information. And enhance its influence among young people. Lancôme Little Black Bottle team up with GQ. To talk to nine graduates including Zhao , He, shao , and Liu Qing in the 2022 graduation. Season, and present them with a special gift. of the solar term; focus on sincerity. And positivity, and convey heatstroke prevention and life tips; cooperate with mical institutions to spread. Heatstroke prevention knowlge and serve the public. (3) Reference case BESTORE chose “Little Heat”, one of the traditional Chinese solar terms.

Through cooperation with the well-known

Magazine GQ, nine graduates were select as dialogue partners. Showing Armenia Phone Number List the combination of brand and fashion culture. Taking advantage of the important node of the graduation season, Lancôme Little Black Bottle is looking for suitable spokespersons among the graduates, and uses their influence and topicality to give the brand more emotional .Resonance and youthful vitality. 3. Solar terms and festivals taking advantage of trend elements and directional elements: scorching sun, ice products, parasols, swimsuits, cool direction: Promote cooling or sunshade products to bring cool enjoyment; choose summer themes to create coolness and comfort Atmosphere. Organize outdoor activities relate to.

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