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What if the people who used to be their customers. Get their goods and services from each other? I’d love to answer that at your next event. That’s exactly the question that our research answers after analyzing 200 of the startups. And interviewing three dozen experts (you can read the full report, right here). Customers are using social media tools, called “sharing websites.” To share products, services, and even money bypassing the corporate world. What’s the solution? We found a counterintuitive opportunity for today’s innovative companies. That, Opportunities for Corporations we believe, they must use to enable their own business functions.

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Products to be social and, therefore, able to compete in one of the most significant cultural market changes in history. Keynote: The Collaborative Economy with Jeremiah Owyang from Jeremiah Owyang The above embedded France Phone Number Data slide deck is from the Vocus marketing and communications conference in DC last week. It’s designed for a 45 minute session. About the Content The speech uses the story of Danish King Frederick VII, whom I learned about on last month’s trip to Copenhagen. I was intrigued by his unique dilemma as he saw a revolution coming to his gates, Opportunities for Corporations  giving him one of two choices.

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Potentially, lose his head, or 2) collaborate with them. We weave in and out of his experience throughout the presentation, as we cover key steps in the presentation: a definition of the trend, real world examples from many verticals B2B Belarus Phone Number List and B2C, numbers showing the disruption in terms of dollars, and the causes of this sharing movement. In the meat of the presentation, we focus on the solution, which we call the Collaborative Economy Value Chain, and provide real world examples of what corporations are doing now. To top things off, we’re honest about the many challenges.

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