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The characteristics of new  are the criticisms, pain points, and unmet nes of consumers for old categori. There is only one reason why products can become popular. They seize the characteristics of new categori and seize new . 4. Segmentation Category: 80% of differentiat busins decisions come from how you discover new brought about by category differentiation. This requir insight into the original category differentiation, and a deep understanding of category is the basis of category differentiation. The origin of demand has never chang,. The birth of new category or category characteristics opportuniti are new opportuniti for brands. The power of “differentiation” the world rich and colorful.

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Everything in the world from “differentiation”, and “differentiation” is an Netherlands Mobile Number List inevitable trend in the development of , “The Origin of Spci”. Category differentiation has brought new market space, and differentiation is the driving force for development. In the procs of category differentiation, because only new can bring new cognition,.And new cognition can bring new brand  1. Zhong There is a basic convention in the dairy industry that first-rate milk is us to make baby milk powder, second-rate milk is us to make yogurt.

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Third-rate milk is us to make ordinary milk powder, and Chile Phone Number List fourth-rate milk may be us to make ice cream and ice cream. The criticism of traditional ice cream is that the taste is weaken due to the ingrients us. Zhong  discover consumers’ demands for high quality, found a high-price gap, took the initiative to differentiate , and  the liv of Yili, Mengniu, and Luxue. 2. Ramen theory. Master Kong and Uni-Prident have been suffering from the “unhealthy” image of instant noodl for many years and have been helpls.  healthy while being convenient? The ne has always been there, but it has never been met – Ramen Said Giv Itself.

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