Occupying Characteristics For a long time

Product Power And have been the “Big Three” in the yogurt market, occupying more than 60% of the market share. It is actually very difficult for other brands to have a place in the yogurt category through a differentiat concept. In 2017, Company pioneer the addition of chee to yogurt, which not only enrich the nutritional value of yogurt. But also greatly improv the taste of yogurt. Start a new name . The product was well receiv as soon as it was launch, with   200 million packs a year after its launch, making it synonymous with chee yogurt. How to understand a product, a set of tangible and intangible combinations that satisfy consumer nes.

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Not only core products, form products, and additional Malaysia Phone Number List products, but returning to the roots li in the understanding of , characteristics, and differentiation. Core product: the product’s physical attribut, functions, benefits, and value. Form product the product’s social attribut, packaging, form, and appearance. l attribut, concepts, stori, and valu—the core li in the discovery, understanding, and occupation of category characteristics. The core of how to seize category differentiation and how to create popular products li in product strength. Product strength is the ultimate exprsion of category characteristics in product functions and benefits. Wang is freeze-dri fruit, stew is frh, Wang is fri first and then brais.Three and a Half Meals is instant, and Ramen is said to have ingrients and meat. The new consumer brands all have certain featur that surpass the original category of products.

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The characteristics may be consumption pain Canada Phone Number List points of original categori, unmet nes of consumers, or new undiscover scenarios. For this reason, we say that the sence of product power is to occupy new characteristics of the category through focusing on product functions and benefits. The characteristics of new categori are the criticisms, pain points, and unmet nes of consumers for old categori. There is only one reason why products can become popular. They seize the characteristics of new categori and seize new nes. 4. Segmentation Category: 80% of differentiat busins decisions come from how you discover new busins opportuniti brought about by category differentiation.  category differentiation, and a deep understanding of category is the basis of category differentiation. The origin of demand has never chang, only the way to meet demand has chang.

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