Now, investing in quality does not mean

Go to bed every night a little smarter than when you woke up in the morning.” 6.- Invest in quality. All things that are quality cost, and surely a lot. But this is precisely what the concept of value is about. Many tend to “sacrifice”  for themselves. This kind of sacrifice is not smart. It is not an appropriate view of life. Buy quality things! Buy the best you can for yourself, or at least always aspire to it. That desire, that desire, favorably conditions their actions. And when he gets Now investing  what he wants, he perfects the virtuous circuit of “feeling-good and being-good.” The latter provides fuel (also quality) to conquer new peaks. Claim quality services, first-class care wherever you go. Failure to do so makes you complicit in the structural mediocrity that rules the world.

Themselves and take things of little value

Those who invest in themselves do not join the ranks of those who think and live in terms of “just like that . ” Mediocrity can only be fought with Brazil WhatsApp Number Data a mentality of excellence, because between the latter and the former, what intermediate state can exist?   spending irresponsibly, because the concept of value is not related to price, it is rather a mental premise. Warren Buffett says well in this sense: “Price is what you pay, value is what you get.” 7.- Invest  Now investing in knowledge, skills and abilities to master the science and art of money. Money is an essential asset to live well or not live badly, as you prefer. Ignoring it is an irresponsible act and always leads to condemnation. Either you dominate money or you live dominated by it .

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Have to acquire this knowledge and skills

If its study is not more widespread, it is simply because it is not a subject to which the masses give importance. A little bit of everything is Brazil Whatsapp Number List taught at home, school or university, but almost nothing about money. The child is told from early on  Now investing  to take care of her health, but nothing about the care he should take of his pocket. That is why you   on your own, and urgently. It is an investment that gives returns for a lifetime. In this way, and at some point, you will be able to inscribe yourself in the spirit of that powerful statement:

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