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This includes biographical data,   subgenre or artistic movement it represents. In addition, ideograms can provide additional knowledge related to other sculptors of a similar style. Public toilets Although people don’t typically interact with others in a public bathroom, they do often check their smartphones while sitting on a toilet, for example. Consequently, their doors or walls are the perfect place to place a mosaic with a QR code to display educational information or for advertising purposes. Restaurants Urban art and restaurants are a bold and unusual combination. But, in metropolises like New York or. London there are places that are very famous for masterfully combining both concepts in a way that is very consonant with the environment.

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Accordingly, mosaics with   and varied information. Topics addressed may include: Information about the work, the artist and/or the UAE Phone Number Data  restaurant (or branches, in the case of franchises); Interactive menus.Special promotions accessible exclusively through QR code; Links from external sponsors. Parks Artistic works integrated into public parks are usually. Well received by their users, especially if they do not interfere with the natural landscape. After all, they are places used by people of different ages and social strata. Therefore, it is a good idea for brands to place artistic mosaics with. QR codes near benches and on walkways. railway stations The walls of subway or train stations are a highly recommended place for billboards in general.

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Consequently, they also represent an excellent location to place a QR code tile. Obviously, a message can be transmitted massively if the design of. The Saudi Arabia Phone Number List  ideogram captures the attention of hundreds, or even thousands (in the case of large metropolises) of  users daily. Other recommended places to place tiles with. QR codes Location of  Shopping center banners; Walls of government buildings; Stadiums, coliseums and music festivals; Art Galeries. Have you used artistic QR codes in your business? In what other places do you think. It would be effective to place artistic QR codes for your business? Leave your comments and contributions about the topic! Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest WhatsApp Email Javier Diaz I am a young  , education and business.

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