It’s better to find an anchor

 This is a typical anchor who doesn’t understand anything.So he only thinks about himself and puts the brand’s The price is messed up. Let me ask, if the “bottom price” that has never appeared before appears, how will you sell regular-priced goods in the future? I would like to ask, if the brand has signed a “minimum” contract with other anchors, how will it cooperate in the future? Um.  who understands the law. On the other hand, you need to comprehensively evaluate whether the pit fee is worth it and what it can bring you.

When buying rice dumplings during

For general small brands, it is more recommended to only Poland Phone Number List divide the commission. For companies that need additional endorsement and brand power. It is recommended to have 1 -Three super-head KOLs are responsible sales. The super-heads here represent people with a certain authoritative status and a certain reputation, but do not represent fan traffic. Finally, let me share a small case. For every 10 yuan more, what can users get? Why should we worry about channel prices? Because channel prices represent users’ expectations. We will share with you a “premium” logical chain from two aspects: product and channel. the Dragon Boat Festival, you will find that every “10 yuan” higher channel price can solve a problem.

I hope that various brands can

Dy: 40 gift boxes, pdd: 50 gift boxes, solves the Denmark Phone Number List pre-sale problem; tb, tm: 60 gift boxes, solves the problem of small logistics loss; jd: 80 gift boxes, solves the problem of arriving tomorrow. At the same time, from a product perspective, you will I found that every “10 yuan” more expensive can solve another problem. Off-brand: 50 yuan Brand. 60 , endorsed brand: 70  endorsement + packaging brand: 80 yuan, endorsement + packaging + product richness (plus 4 salted duck eggs) Brand: 90 yuan, endorsement + Packaging + product richness + creativity, so the price system is not based on how much money I can make. But on what I can give users with the extra money I make. Price itself is a relatively complicat matter and difficult to classify.find their own positioning in the above-mentioned general methods.

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