It supports one-hop direct  to the Taobao

It can also be seen from this that c to doing open-loop diversion,  still has a strong  to do e-commerce on its own. Open-loop marketing, a new topic for content platforms  advertising jumps to the brand’s official website. It is worth noting that Tencent Advertising also took clear actions in open-loop cooperation during 618 this year. After cooperating with Moments advertising was launch for the first time.  APP site, and video account information flow advertisements can also be jump through links with one click. According to data by Tencent Advertising, brand FILA’s is  higher than the industry’s and its ROI is 120% higher than the industry’s through the of ads in Moments. As early as 2019, Tencent Advertising reach a cooperation with to support connecting Moments ads with JD.

Marketing is not limit to a certain

Com and jumping directly. At that time, the brand us this method Hong Kong Phone Number List to finally achieve the of 55% of users jumping to the product event page through ads in Moments. To sum up, you will find that the concept of “open-loop marketing” actually because “clos-loop” has increasingly become the mainstream choice of platforms.  platform from the beginning; as long as there are external links, marketing will naturally be across platforms. If you want to talk about the gap. In open-loop development over the years, it actually li in whether the data can be truly connect and whether there are advertising products to support jumps.

At a time when

Now this has become a common technical capability. What Bolivia Phone Number List is the difficulty of “opening the loop”? Continuing the above idea, when technical  and advertising products can support it, the key to how well open-loop marketing is done and how is made is: at this stage, is the platform itself willing to gradually open its own walls. Or is it more willing to firmly maintain them? own ecosystem. “traffic dividends are hard to find” has become a common dilemma in the Internet industry, and “interconnection” is implement as a policy from the top down, the answer is obviously the former.

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