The cost of live streaming is very uncontrollable

For example: 30% of the products in account A (strongly recommended products) are sold in gift boxes. Account B sells 30% of single products with high sales (1+1 hot products are strongly recommended); Account C sells 30% of single products with high sales; other products that are not re-recommended remain the same price. The prices of these three categories of goods must be higher than the “prices” in the private sector. Why? Because of cost. . Generally speaking, you can use the ability of distribution to drive sales to unknown users, but it is difficult to achieve a super cost-effective ROI.

Of course you have to think about

This is the real small profit but quick turnover. I have seen an Oman Phone Number List exaggerated brand that sold hundreds of millions of live broadcasts, but the final profit was less than 5%. This situation is due to the large number of experts who use it, and the pit fees and commissions are add together. In fact, It’s hard to calculate ROI. The private domain is different. These people are aware of your brand and have even purchased it. Among this group of people. Your conversion cost is almost nothing more than discounts and labor costs for daily operations. The more you buy, the more you earn.  how to earn more. So the logic is roughly: Online store  Experts  Self-broadcasting  Private domain What is more noteworthy here is the expert distribution section. On the one hand, you need to hire reliable experts and sign a price contract. A former beauty client of mine, who was engaged in VC products, did not sign a contract to let several million-level internet celebrities do broadcasting.

I didn’t ask you to spend more

The talent fee was about 20%. That night, during the Costa Rica Phone Number List actual live broadcast, the anchor DM (name) gave himself a 15 yuan discount for a single product (a screenshot of the purchase and a red envelope). As a result, other anchors could not sell the same product, so they all went to DM’s live broadcast room to buy it. One night Sales volume 7000+. Afterwards, the beauty customer discovered the incident and the two parties started to fight. DM: If I give benefits to my fans, what does that have to do with you? Brand: I paid you a pit fee, how can you let other anchors sell it? DM: Anyway,  money. Brand: I accepted it, and I also gave other anchors the lowest pit fee on the entire network. DM: It has nothing to do with me.

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