Expressing the spirit of brand reform

The brand must keenly capture the essence and power of each node. So that the product can firmly occupy the user’s mind. Comprehensive analysis of holiday content, clever combination of hot. Topics, grasp users’ emotions and demands, and make the product an. Indispensable part of their memories of July. Be prepared for a rainy day and don’t miss the opportunity. How can brands accurately take advantage of the momentum in July. The ingenuity of each game and the users begins here. National festival 1. Party Founding Day on July 1st Elements of opportunity and direction: red, sickle. Hammer, wheat, salute, love for the party Direction. Red products or ideas evoke the concept of communism; reform and opening up ,  and innovation; paying attention to. Grassroots groups and conveying the original intention of the revolution.

Things to pay attention to

When taking advantage of the situation: The political UAE Phone Number List color should be moderate and avoid being too extreme; it should match the brand attributes and sincerely reflect the brand value; avoid creating preset concepts of the brand and forming stereotypes. (3) Reference Cases: Centenary of the Founding of the Party, Station B’s Long Scroll Treasure Hunt. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party, Station B launched an interactive mini-game called “No One Can Be Missed—Long Scroll Treasure Hunt.

This is a game based

On the review of our country A web interactive Afghanistan Phone Number List game  with the theme of poverty alleviation achievements. Through the interactive form of treasure hunt, this small game leads users to review the poverty alleviation achievements made by the party under the leadership of the people. It not only takes advantage of the opportunity to celebrate the centenary of the founding of the party, but also achieves an effective combination of political propaganda and entertainment.

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