Even after experiencing a downturn

Founder and CEO of the environmentally friendly home furnishing brand, told Yibang Power. 1. After Facebook,  has yet to fully “go overseas and cannot bypass Facebook (Meta) and Google.” The two giants once almostthe overseas traffic market. in 2022, their status in the global digital advertising market remains Unshakable. The Insider Intelligence report shows that in 2022, the  share of Google and Meta in the global digital advertising market will fall below 50%, and  that Google’s market share will be 25.9% and Meta’s market share will be 18.9% in 2023, higher than Amazon’s 14%. Much higher than Microsoft’s 3.9% and TikTok2.3%.

Take the overseas brands

Although there is the possibility of further decline in the Germany Phone Number List future, it has always firmly maintain its leading position in the digital advertising market. Only one single with 300,000 views! Celebrity marketing bids farewell to the growth myth, and new money pours into the pockets of overseas giants. Image source: Insider Intelligence. BLUETTI (energy storage brand) and (welding tool brand) survey by Power as . Even though they have been exploring emerging traffic, But so far, Facebook and Google are still their main new channels. As an  giant, Facebook maintains a number of users and an advertising ecosystem that other platforms cannot match. Meta’s first quarter financial report shows that as of March 2023, Facebook DAU was 1.78 billion, a year-on-year increase of 3%, and MAU was 2.59 billion, a year-on-year increase of 2%.

attracting a large number of advertisers

However, the decline in traffic efficiency is an Belize Phone Number List indisputable fact. Chen Yong point out that after the epidemic dividend is over, s of Amazon, Google, or social  platforms such as Meta, traffic costs have shown a significant upward trend. “Taking Q2 and Q3 in 2022 as an example, traffic costs will be the same as those in the same period in 2021.” The price has already i by 20%, and the CPM (thousand i cost in the US market may have i by up to 40%.” “Although the dividends of the old channels have peak, there is currently no new platform with large traffic like Facebook and Google. the anxiety of many peers. has high hop – its advertising rat are cheaper than other social  platforms,.

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