Evaluation of a product’s performance quality

Win their favor. Generally, low-priced products can target this group of people, while high-priced brands, general trial packs, and low-priced product lines are more attractive to them. 20% price-thinking people: This type of people will comprehensively consider price, quality and other factors before making a final decision. Thinking consumers are usually more rational., price, etc., and then make a purchase decision. Generally, they are highly sensitive to discounts and bargains. What they like most is not “buy two, get three free”, but “direct 20% off”. Or for the same product parameters, if you sell it for 299 and it sells for 310, it will inevitably be the same. will sell you. 50% price comparison type:

They will make a comprehensive

This group of people will compare the cost performance of Mexico Phone Number List different products when making purchase decisions. They will compare multiple options and look for the best choice. Comparative consumers usually compare the differences, advantages and disadvantages between different products to find the product that suits them best. If the product is not cost-effective or superior enough, they will consult and compare prices. Focus on the advantages of this group of people, such as mobile phone performance, 5,000 yuan can get 10,000 yuan of enjoyment, the advantages include brand capabilities, service capabilities, trust capabilities, product strength, etc. 10% price-ignorant group of people: This group of people pay less attention to price when making purchasing decisions.

The consumption psychology

They pay more attention to quality and experience. of this Cayman Islands Phone Number List group of people is mainly related to brand loyalty. Consumers with higher brand loyalty usually trust the brand more. They believe that the brand’s product quality or service level can be guaranteed, rather than making comparisons based solely on price. They are willing to pay more for brand value. For companies, the price system is a pressure and opportunity, but it is also a challenge. Whether a company can stabilize profits and achieve long-term stable growth often depends not only on “market supply and demand and ensuring the rationality of the price system”, but also on the attributes of the population.

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