The Crowd has Built a Car

Your garage or built by your neighbors? When I learned about the Wikispeed auto project. Wikispeed is a business that crowd sourced designs. Production, development, and has created a SAE registered. Road legal approved car the Wikispeed SGT01 Car. Now on sale in limited quantities. This case example is part of my ongoing coverage of the collaborative economy. On how the crowd becomes a company. I had the opportunity to meet Joe Justice (pic) of Wikispeed at the Aspen Institute. In conclusion, Built a Car a center dedicated to the advancement of thinking.

Our roundtable has been focused

On how institutions must innovate in the rapidly changing environment. I’ve shared elements of the Collaborative Economy research. Which has been one of the under current themes at the event. Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 6.44.20 AM Above: Wikispeed cars boast modularity. Where individual components are assembled by crowd Oman Phone Number Data and shipped to a buyer’s garage to assemble. In conclusion, a car can quickly become a truck, by removing and replacing body. What’s Wikispeed, it’s a project that taps into the crowd to design, create, manufacture. However, produce, and bring to market products.

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Their most notable project is producing

A 100 mpg vehicle made of modular. Interchangeable parts. Some findings of note about the Wikispeed project: Like Wikipedia, a global set of experts are People are participating, in various levels of commitment. They competed Bahamas Phone Number List in XPrize challenge, against Tesla, Tata, and others They’ve crash tested front and side impact tests, and created a suite of impact test simulations to test rapidly. Design was crowdsourced, using Dropbox and Google apps like Groups, Hangout, Talk, Cal, Drive, and more. Therefore, specifications are modular allowing interchangeable. However, and fast assembly Production Methodology.

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