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Pre-sal GMV in the electricity industry is by 808%  to the same period last year. According to the trend of the list c by  Power, more and more mature brand merchants are entering the TOP10. There is still great opportunity for Chine brands and new consumer brands in some ci. The characteristics are particularly important in women’s clothing, bags, and . ,, children’s clothing and other  perform particularly well. The maturity of the brand has laid the foundation for to take the road of shelf e-commerce. On the eve of June 18 this year,  e-commerce launch a commission-free project for commodity cards and plans to allocate 10 billion cash  to the project this year. It is understood that product cards are a carrier for displaying product information in shelf scenarios such as malls, search.

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They are t with orders that are. Complete by clicking on goods France Phone Number List on non-live broadcast or non-short video page. This will further enhance the  to settle merchants and accelerate the migration of users from the live broadcast room to the mall. It can also be seen.From the data officially  by  that in April 2022, e-commerce shelf scene GMV account for 20%; as of November, this number had reach 27%, and further is to 30% in May this year %. Wei n,   e-commerce, once mention that in the future, new areas such as malls and search will account for more than 50% of  that is, GMV.  50%, it means that the shelf scene will compete with the content scene, and the traffic and  of the anchor’s.

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Live broadcast room will be further  is a cycle. When  e-commerce Bahamas Phone Number List was born, it was known for its content and s the new concept of  e-commerce.” However, the logic of e-commerce development has been q. For example, the model of “finding goods for people” was not the first of . As early as the  period, the model of finding people to join a group and bargaining for appear. When “” is not enough to tell a story,  e-commerce will focus on the “shelf”, and then step by step to  the content and strengthen the support weight for brand merchants. According to 36Kr,  will favor pan-malls this year in terms of personnel .

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