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It’s when you realize that all the work has been worth it, in addition to everything we have learned. , the important thing is to move forward and learn from each one of them. We advise other entrepreneurs that whatever they do, they do  Be part of  it because they enjoy doing it and not to make money.

Systems and achieve economic efficiency

Evolution of antitrust laws in the United States Written by Raúl Quintana Selleras on September 7, 2023 Antitrust laws are a collection of rules that oppose  Cambodia Phone Number Data the formation of monopolies, encourage competition in market   (Dogan and Lemley), taking into account that monopolistic power consists of maintaining arbitrary prices to eliminate the competition. The term antitrust  Be part of  refers to the fight against large companies (Wikipedia) that slow down the proper functioning of the capitalist economy.

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They promote the free market

And stop the fluidity and integration of the elements that compose it. Therefore, antitrust laws promote competition, favor the economy to the extent that  Cambodia Phone Number List and allow moderate government Be part of  regulation of the economy, thus protecting it from monopoly imbalances that could contribute to affecting its proper development.

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