And today we sell 150 units per month

Miguel started with this project after finishing his degree in Industrial Organization Engineering. Our venture is called ToHa , a brand of farm and beach products. Our star product is the ToHa , a very portable, comfortable and aesthetic towel-hammock, which We currently sell the product through the  And today we  website with shipments throughout Spain and we have several distributors in the country.

Hammock for the beach and today

Our goal is to look for distributors internationally to bring the ToHa to all the beaches in the world. We created the Towel-  we sell 150 units per month Australia Phone Number Data  It all started with the idea of ​​solving our own problem And today we  and, when we realized that many people shared the same problem, that was when we considered the business.

Phone Number Data

Occurred to us that we had to invent something

We live in the Canary Islands , an archipelago of islands in Spain , and we enjoy good weather all year round, so we love spending Australia Phone Number List  hours on the beach. And it was on one of those days  And today we  of discomfort on the beach, when it   that was easier to transport than a beach chair, but that gave the possibility of being comfortable reading, eating or simply sunbathing. . We just had the idea when Miguel was finishing his degree and had to do his final degree project

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