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Dedicated to selling doughs that are 100% ready to cook at home in minutes. We have pandeyucas doughs, brownies, churros and cookies. Entrepreneur Juliana Muñoz, founder of Dire Massé Since I started so young, the financial support of my parents was essential. My mother gave me the money to go buy the ingredients, my grandfather took me to buy them and we cooked with the rest of my family. As Massé grew, we made increasingly larger investments that have represented a great effort for everyone, but both my parents and I firmly believe in Massé and we know that it is a worthwhile investment.

This is how Dire Massé started

Over time, we grew more and more in sales, always counting on the support of my family. I sold the products in Russia Phone Number Data  my school store, but then the pandemic arrived. At that time we made a donation to the Seamos Razones para Creer foundation and we began to receive many orders. We spent several months producing everything in my kitchen. Then we got our production plant, we hired support staff, we also got the INVIMA registrations and we started to participate in entrepreneurship fairs, such as EVA , VASSAR and others. In addition, we are one of the six winners of the El Poder de Giar una Mano project, 2023 edition of the Unicentro Bogotá Shopping Center!

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Which is why you can now find

Us on our island in Unicentro  We currently have 1 physical sales point, 7 employees distributed in the plant, point of sale and  Spain Phone Number List distribution, and we are selling approximately 1,500 jars of products each month. When starting a business it is necessary to be disciplined, constant and resilient. It is difficult to organize time, since an entrepreneur must take care of networks, production, accounting, obtaining raw materials, and so on. More personally, in my case, I am not so passionate about the topic of networks. Although it is essential when starting a business and it is difficult for me to find motivation, it is necessary to do it and that is why I have learned to enjoy it. Entrepreneurship has many fruits. It makes me very happy to generate employment, I like when customers let us know that they like our products.

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